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April 2011 Review by Tyler Tidmore

South Side of Heaven

After all my time here in Chicago I have finally been able to review a Second City show, and I must say I am beyond impressed.  Second City is not only a historic venue where some of the best comics in the world have been bred, but it also remains one of the biggest attractions in Chicago if you’re looking for a good laugh.  Now with the opening of their 99th mainstage revue, “South Side of Heaven”, the side-splitting laughs continue to roll on.

Religion, politics, racism, etc., no topic is left untouched as these brilliant performers radiate their hilarious energy throughout the space.  “South Side” is written and performed by five of Second City’s best.  Edgar Blackmon, Holly Laurent, Timothy Edward Mason, Katie Rich, Sam Richardson, and Tim Robinson are the creative team behind this satirical powerhouse.  Backing each of them is an extensive amount of training that definitely shows during this champion of a show.

“South Side of Heaven” is a fast-paced, intelligent comedy that will have anyone laughing.  The characters and sketches these writers have developed are magnificent.  You’ll encounter a creepy T.S.A. worker, a former mayor of Chicago, the president himself, a poetic stripper, an abusive owner and his horse, and many others.  Each sketch carries its own uniqueness that will stay with you long after the curtain closes.  Even while writing this review I am still thinking about all the great one-liners delivered during the show.

Some may argue that the brand of comedy used is directed towards a younger generational audience, but I believe anyone with the good intention to laugh will enjoy “South Side”.  Going to the Second City and watching a show such as this is just a fun time, and with ticket prices the way they are, there’s no excuse that everyone should come watch Second City at their best.  So put your wallet in your front pocket, bring a friend, and head on down to the “South Side of Heaven”.  For more information on this show, please visit the Theatre In Chicago South Side of Heaven page.  


About Tyler Tidmore

A native of the south, and an aspiring young director, Tyler Tidmore's life revolves around theater.  Originally from Clarksville Tennessee, Tyler moved to the big city to pursue a career in Directing and Playwright while studying at Columbia College Chicago.  He hopes to one day open a theater and influence younger actors the same way mentors in his life influenced him, by introducing the magnificent form of entertainment called theatre.

Tyler's contributions to the theater world have been centered around writing and acting.  He wrote sketch comedy and news segments for two years at a local news program called The Northwest Review.  On the side Tyler starred in over eight productions, some of his favorites include “Words Words Words”, “The Foreigner”, and “The Brother's Grimm Spectaculathon”.  He considers the highlight of his young life to be when he played the tyrant king Creon in Sophocles' “Antigone”.  His acting skills granted him the honor of attaining “State All-Star Cast Member” two years in a row and obtaining first place in “Duo Acting” at the State-wide Dickson Drama Comp.  “Chicago theatre is doing great things for me, I'm in a good position for what I wish to do with my life.”